The Planet of DOOM

 "Seeking vengeance aboard a witch-born chopper, Halvar must journey across a psychedelic landscape on a quest to defeat the deadly beast Mordvel." If ya haven't heard, artist David Paul Seymour and I are neck deep in making a sick animated movie! It's called The Planet of DOOM, and it features some of the coolest artists in the chopper, fantasy, and sci-fi scenes, teamed up … [Read More...]


Southbound and Down 2

Really stoked to be a sponsor for this years Southbound and Down 2 in Tampa, Florida! Last years show was a big hit, and this years event looks to be even bigger and … [Read More...]


Lee Bullock Interview – Show Class Mag

 If ya haven't heard, Doom Cycle has teamed up with the awesome folks at Show Class Magazine to interview their cover artist for each issue. It’s somethin’ I’m really stoked about, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you who’ve been hangin’ around … [Read More...]


New Doom Cycle tees!

 Those new DC shirts you've been waitin' for are now available! The one by artist Simon Berndt is called "Nyx" and the one by artist David Paul Seymour is called "Doomed". These dudes killed 'em, and I'm so stoked to have had the opportunity to work with such … [Read More...]


Interview with Eterno – Show Class Mag

 Doom Cycle has teamed up with the awesome folks at Show Class Magazine to interview their cover artist for each issue. It's somethin' I'm really stoked about, which shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you who've been hangin' around this joint. I've been a … [Read More...]


Jason Cruz Choptoon – Revisited

  Jason Cruz  is one of my favorite artists workin' today, and back when I had the opportunity to  interview him for the site, the Choptoon I created for it was somethin' that turned out pretty cool. Since then, I'd teamed up with … [Read More...]


Rise of the Doom Cycle tees!

 Here's the full HD Choptoon to get you acquainted with the first pair of shirts ever offered by Doom Cycle! The first half is a riff on the design "Ritual" by artist Matt Wilkins, while the second  takes on "Astronauta" by artist Luis Mayer. After you've seen … [Read More...]


Doom Cycle Tees!

Just got word that the first ever Doom Cycle tees by artists Matt Wilkins and Luis Mayer are printed and headed this way! Grab 'em on here while ya can! Both are 5-color prints with a discharge base, 100% cotton black tees, and printed neck tags. All profits … [Read More...]