Attention Bands & Labels

If you're in a band or run a label, and want your stuff featured in my crazy animated chopper videos, contact me through or I'll be creating a ton of videos this year so I'm looking for doom, stoner, psych etc tracks to split people's heads open and drive the animations. Lots of great projects coming up for awesome folks like Show Class … [Read More...]


Interview with Jason Cruz

 Alright, I'm just going to come right out and say it: Jason Cruz is one of the best artists working in the scene today. Hell, if it's still confessional time, I'd … [Read More...]


Submit to Heavy Heads 2

If you're an artist and you wanna take part in this years Heavy Heads 2, the submission gates have just swung open! You have until February 1st to submit Pure … [Read More...]


Jason Cruz Interview – Video Tease!

 Check out the new video tease for the interview with artist Jason Cruz (aka: JCRUZ), which debuts this Wednesday! Cruz is without a doubt one of my favorite artists to ever hit the scene, and his work for DiCE Magazine,  Heavy Clothing, Loser Machine, Wrench … [Read More...]


Interview With David Paul Seymour

 Years ago I witnessed the work of artist David Paul Seymour for the very first time. It blew my fucking mind! Big chunks of gooey brain matter mixed with splintered skull fragments slammed the walls around me, when suddenly a gorgeous warrior princess draped … [Read More...]


David Paul Seymour Interview – Video Tease!

 Check out the new video tease for the interview with artist David Paul Seymour, which debuts this Thursday! Seymour is the go to guy for so many stoner, doom, and indie-rock bands, that you'd swear you were reading your own favorite band list. Agnostic Front, … [Read More...]


Dan Collins

 Back when DiCE Magazine had an open call for artists to come up with their cover for issue 50, folks from around the world submitted their work (myself included) with the hope of helping DiCE celebrate such a big milestone. Artist Dan Collins, who created … [Read More...]


Ed Ryan the “Envelope King”

 Artist Ed Ryan has been called "The Envelope King" 'cause most of his rad art is drawn on the front of an envelope. For years, they've been published in the mail section of countless biker mags, but if you wanted to own an Ed Ryan original yourself, you were … [Read More...]


Shawn McKinney

 When he's not wrenching on his bikes, Shawn McKinney can be found hunched over his art table, knocking out work that distills his love for simpler times and outlaw values. He's been featured in the book Motorcycle Graphics: Outsider Art, Graphics and … [Read More...]


Scoot Malone

 Artist Scoot Malone from Sacred Arts Co. in Nashville can lay down ink and paint with the best of 'em. If you dig Hal Robinson's work, check out the lines on his piece "Choppers Want You Dead". Scoot's got that flow we all love Hal for, but he pulls it off … [Read More...]